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Safety online!

This page is specially reserved to keep you up to date about online safety

NB: As you browse through this page you will find underlined links which will direct you to key documents. This is a living document so will change as more and more links are added.

If you want me to add links, just email the information to me! John Wells IT Co-ordinator

We live in a truly connected World. The Internet and the World Wide Web grew out of two things:

1. The Cold War

The United States wanted to ensure that in the event of a nuclear missile strike on one of their key defence stations, their communications would not fail. The Advanced Research Projects Agency conceived of a flexible self-healing data communications network. Thus was born ARPAnet - the precursor of the Internet. See History of the ARPAnet

2. The World Wide Web

The CERN organisation was dealing with thousands of papers, document and results. Tim Berners-Lee realised how he could ensure that they could all be made instantly available to everyone on the network

To get an idea of just how pervasive the Internet has become follow this link

==> Live Internet statistics

Nearly 50% of the World population has access to the Internet

93% of the UK population alone has home access to the Internet

The WEB is truly ubiquitous. It pervades every aspect of our lives, whether we choose to actively use it or not. But there are many traps for the unwary, despite the rich resources at our fingertips.


The villains attempting to con you out of your personal data and hack into your bank accounts or steal your identities are known as CYBER CRIMINALS. To find out more about the history click on this link ==> Cybercrime timeline

Safe use of email

Put at it's simplest, email is not in the least secure. To understand why it is unsafe we need to know how it works. This will be explained in another document. But you can make it very much more secure by observing some simple rules. Click on this link ==> Simple email safety to get a copy of those simple rules.


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