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How to renew your Membership

Membership Fee for 2024/2025

The renewal subscription for 2024/25 is £12* or £8* for an Associate Member (someone who is fully affiliated to another u3a).  *Reduced from last year!

Membership renewal starts from Wednesday 5th June, please pay before 31st August to preserve your place in interest groups prior to the open day in September.

Members are reminded that you can Gift Aid your subscription, if you do not already do so and would like to please contact the membership secretary for a Gift Aid form. If you have signed a Gift Aid form, and you are no longer entitled to Gift Aid relief, i.e., you are no longer a UK tax payer it is your responsibility to let us know.

Ways to pay: - numbered in order of u3a preference

1. Beacon Online renewal

This option will immediately update your membership and provide instant confirmation that your renewal has been processed.

To access the members portal for the first time, you will need your membership number and the email address through which you receive all your u3a correspondence (you should also use a capital letter at the start of your forename and surname and leave a space between the 1st and 2nd parts of your postcode).  You will then be asked to create a password to make subsequent access easier for you.

From the button below 

  1. Use your email and Beacon password to login to the members portal.
  2. Confirm your identity
  3. Choose the renew your membership option
  4. Opt in to or out of Gift Aid (IMPORTANT: If you share an address with your partner and are both eligible for Gift Aid, we suggest renewing separately to ensure that both of your subscriptions are flagged for contribution.)
  5. Click Make Payment
  6. Check the amount
  7. Then Continue to PayPal to complete payment. You do not have to have a PayPal account, you can use the Guest Checkout with a debit or credit card.
  8. Either login to your own PayPal account or Check Out as a Guest. PayPal gives a range of payment options to choose from Select one and pay following prompts
  9. Both Paypal and Beacon should send a confirmation e-mails confirming payment and renewal.

2. By Bank Transfer

Please ensure you pay to the correct account. This is our membership account as opposed to the account used for group transactions and ensure that you include your name and membership number as reference on your payment.

Our Account details for membership are: -

  • Bank - CAF Bank
  • Account Name - East Grinstead u3a
  • Account number 00036224
  • Sort Code - 40 52 40
  • Reference - your four digit membership number and name

When paying for more than one person, please provide each membership number and one name in the reference

Please Note: It is possible that your bank will be unable to verify the account details and a warning will come up, this is because not all banks are part of the verification scheme.  The details are however correct and if you click on “continue with payment” you will be able to complete the transaction.

3. By Debit/Credit Card 

Via contactless payment available at our monthly hub meeting.  

4. By Cheque

 Please send a cheque for the required amount, made payable to East Grinstead u3a, with your surname, postcode and membership number clearly written on the reverse, ensuring that the cheque is signed and dated correctly.

Send to: -

Katrina Whitfield, Membership Secretary, East Grinstead u3a, 6 Wynlea Close, Crawley Down, West Sussex, RH10 4HP

Confirmation and Membership card

Beacon issues a facsimile membership card attached to your confirmation e-mail. You can request a replacement via your Membership Account on the Beacon Portal.

Updating Personal Details

If your circumstances have changed, for example address, telephone number, Gift Aid status etc, you can change them either online via the Beacon Portal (see below for instructions on how to access this), or notify the Membership Secretary or letter (see address above).

You can view and update your personal information by logging on to the  Beacon Membership Portal here.  This link will take you to the Members login page. Our membership Portal: Beacon provides comprehensive tools for handling membership: new members, renewals, subscriptions, address changes, and communications. 

If you have not already done so, please register to use the members portal to find out more, click BEACON - Membership Portal registration, watch the video below. Then click Beacon Membership Portal. Remember, once successfully registered, you use your EMAIL and PASSWORD to log in to the Beacon Membership Portal.

Beacon login step by step instructions

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