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Your stories

After a lifetime in raising a family, volunteering for all manner of organisations, working in industry, commerce or education you must have a fund of anecdotes!

We'll publish them right here. Just email or post the copy to your Webmaster and we'll publish them for you for all to read!

To contact your Webmaster in the first place, just use the contact Icon at top right

Space for lots more too!! If we get enough writers I will create a sub page per member

Congratulations to our latest contributor - Mike Liveseyl 

Mike narrowly escaped being gunned down as a terrorist - and also thinks he had a significant input to the Oil Crisis

Murder on the Aachen Expressway

My Part in the Oil Crisis

Jane has uploaded two short stories:

The Great Escape and a happy Spring memory - Daffodils

Click on any of the following links to visit individual pages where members have supplied multiple stories or anecdotes

Anecdotes from John Wells or Tales of misspent youth and silly mistakes

Writings from Anne White

Stories from Hazel Cooper

Short stories from Peter Ellway

First contribution from Barbara Tomkinson A poem about being at one with the wind At One with the Wind

A very appropriate poem from Anne Jones:All These Things That we are missing with self-isolation

A bit of doggerel sent to us from a Horsham member

Some covid doggerel



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