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Memoir Writing

Status:Active, full but can join waiting list
Group email: Memoir Writing group
When: Monthly
Private - monthly
Venue: Private Residence

Everyone has a story to tell.

Join our memoir group.

Why write a memoir?

A gift to your family, yet to realise the many questions they would like answers to in the future.

It can cover:

  • childhood memories
  • pen portraits of grandparents
  • travel
  • work
  • decades of music and clothes

All of the above can be with or without family dynamics, thoughts and feelings. Included can be cameos of people you have known whose stories would otherwise be lost and forgotten.

Share your stories and organise your writing in a small, supportive group suitable for beginners and more experienced memoirists.

It is therapeutic, engrossing, good for the memory and recalling events, and a productive, enjoyable way to follow an interest in creative writing and create a lasting legacy.

Group leader Anne Jakins can answer any questions: monthly sessions occur.

East Grinstead home address supplied.

We will be meeting at private premises. You are invited to join by email (Please click blue underlined link above and follow the instructions) or through the Beacon Portal.

Anne Jakins - leader

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