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German for Improvers

Status:Active, open to new members
Group email: German for Improvers group
When: on Monday afternoons
2-3.30PM Studio 3 Chequer Mead
Venue: Chequer Mead

German for Improvers

This German for Improvers group meets weekly on Mondays from 2 – 3.30 pm in Studio 1 at Chequer Mead Theatre. The emphasis is on speaking and listening skills practised through role play, pair work and audio clips. Grammar points are explored and practised in a fun way, and new vocabulary is constantly reviewed. Seasonal activities relating to, for example, Christmas, carnival time, etc., will help raise cultural awareness, and members will also be invited to share their experiences of German-related interests and visits. Topics include home and neighbourhood, travel and transport and places in town.

The group has set up an email connection with an adult learners' English class in East Grinstead's German twin town, Mindelheim. So far, we have exchanged class profiles and seasonal information. This project raises cultural awareness and enables learners to read and translate simple texts in their target languages.

The convener is a qualified tutor of German with a lot of experience teaching in adult and further education and U3A settings.

Room hire costs are shared between group members in accordance with the U3A policy, and there is a small charge to cover weekly handouts as there is no prescribed textbook.

If you are interested in joining, Please click blue underlined link above to message me, and I'll reach out to you.

Group Leader/Convener: Vicky Jackson

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