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German Conversation

Status:Active, open to new members
Group email: German Conversation group
When: on Monday afternoons
3-4.30 Alternate Mon Priv V
Venue: Private Residence

Group contact - Ros Furley

The members of the German Conversation group all have a good comprehension of spoken and written German, and group members speak German fluently. Participants prepare themselves for each meeting through a German text, which either one of the group members or I find on the internet (i.e., the latest news in Germany and current affairs). Group members take turns and volunteer to find an engaging text they submit to me so I can send it out (sometimes as an edited) version by email to the group members a few days before each meeting.

We then read the text together at the meeting and discussed the issues. I may correct pronunciation and occasionally the grammar. If members of the group do not understand certain aspects, phrases or single words, I try to explain these together with the contributions of other group members. Sometimes, we consult a German Dictionary or look up facts on Google. Overall, all group members spoke happily in German and understood what was discussed. But above all, we had lots of fun and enjoyed each other's company, even if it was just a virtual company!

New members are welcome. But anyone joining this group needs to have a good level of German language skills.

Ros Furley


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