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Risk Assessment advice for Group leaders

Risk Assessments are associated with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. While this does not apply to u3as as members are not at work, the insurance company expect u3as to take reasonable precautions through risk assessment checklists, using these as a basis for any claims made. If a member were injured, our insurance provider would ask for the completed risk assessment to prove how the risk was identified. All groups should complete risk assessments to protect themselves. This is covered in our Insurance FAQs. For most activities, a checklist is sufficient. The more hazardous the activity, the more comprehensive the risk assessment checklist should be. the Trust has provided model risk assessment checklists for different low-risk activities, which u3as can adapt to their particular situations. For further information, read the frequently asked questions document FAQ (PDF)

All GLs are requested to review risk assessments for their group activities. This implies looking at your activity and the venue in which it is undertaken. It also means that you should consider yourself a potential risk to other members. The Third Age Trust has prepared 10 sample risk assessment forms in Word and PDF formats for download. Click on a link to download a form:

Risk AssessmentPDF formatWord Format
Home basedHome based (PDF)Home based (Word)
Online-basedOnline-based (PDF)Online-based (Word)
Venue-basedVenue-based (PDF)Venue-based (Word)
Workshop ActivityWorkshop Activity (PDF)Workshop Activity (Word)
Day TripDay Trip (PDF)Day Trip (Word)
Holiday travelHoliday travel (PDF)Holiday travel (Word)
WalkingWalking (PDF)Walking (Word)
Outdoor sportsOutdoor sports (PDF)Outdoor sports (Word)
PersonalPersonal (PDF)Personal (Word)

Risk Assessment should be simple to complete. In case of any difficulty, and please get in touch with the Groups Coordinator, Janet Taylor

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