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How to join a group

If you are an EG u3a Member, you can join a Group online via the Beacon tab see the Membership page. For further details about a group and to contact the group leader, see Group List below and click on the Group Name.

There are only two reasons why you might not find a space in a group:

  1. Full group. The group is full and already has a waiting list.
  2. No group. The group that you want to join doesn't yet exist.

Group is full?

If the group is full, it will have a waiting list. Contact the Group Leader via the mail at the top right of the group page.

If there is NO waiting list, the Group Leader may know other people who cannot join. So you need to get together to form another group - we have done it several times already, with French groups, Out and About groups, and Book groups. It is a very successful approach.

Check online yourself

As an East Grinstead u3a member, you can also check for yourself online via the Beacon Portal ==> Check for a group online

Starting a new group

If you cannot find a group that you want to join, why not start one? You will be amazed at how quickly people want to join your new group. Please review our quick guide to Becoming a Group Leader or contact the Groups Coordinator (email above)for full information.

Potential new groups, as suggested by Members, are listed here ==> New groups!. We'll keep this page updated as ideas come up. So you can contact the group coordinator with your idea for a new group and get it listed. As members browse the list and express an interest, you will be kept informed. So that as soon as you have got to "critical mass", you will be able to start your group



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