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Guidance for Group Leaders

Using the Website and Beacon

Every group has both a page on our website and a group page in our Beacon Membership system. These are your windows to your potential and existing members, and it is important to keep the data on both the website and Beacon up-to-date and meaningful.

Website - Advertise your Group and Events

The website is your mechanism for advertising what your Group is about, where and when you meet, Group Leader contact etc. As a Group Leader you are able to edit your own group page including adding eg events, photos and newsletter. IT Support - website will be able to provide you with a website login and help you in setting up and editing your group page.

To find out more re using your web page as a Group leader, go to Web Page Management

If you already have a user id and password, you can go directly to edit the website

Beacon - Manage membership of your group

All Group leaders will have been given a Beacon System User ID and password. You can check or change the membership of your group from the Beacon system. Just log into Beacon with your System User ID and then select your group. The link is here ==> Log in to Beacon

If you have forgotten your login details, please contact the IT Co-ordinator to reset it for you

For more information re using Beacon as a Group Leader ===> BEACON - for group leaders

Starting or changing groups

A number of groups have waiting lists and for a membership of our size we very much need and welcome more groups. To start a group need not be demanding. Have a look at our quick guide to Becoming a Group Leader

Managing groups

Plan actively for succession. Always keep in mind who should take over from you as GROUP LEADER!

Change Group Details

If anything concerning the group changes you must advise the changes to the Groups Coordinator and if a change of hire venue, the Treasurer. For example please notify us if you change time, date or place of meeting on anything other than a temporary basis. A change of Group Leader is also an important issue.

Change Personal Details

- Changes to any personal details (address, email, phone) of any member of your Group need initially to be dealt with in the Beacon Membership system. Please contact the Membership Secretary

Closing a Group

If the group appears to be faltering, or if the venue ceases to be available, or your personal circumstances change, don't immediately decide to close the group. It may well be that your group could find another venue or amalgamate with an allied group. Or perhaps you can find a replacement group leader. Discuss problems openly with your group and keep the Groups Coordinator advised.

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