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BEACON - Membership Portal registration

Follow these simple steps to get started:

Watch the Video: Check out the video below for a step-by-step guide. It's easy!

Read "Beacon - Part 7," a 'How To Guide' for using the Beacon Portal.

Important Tip:

  • Don't log in with your email when registering for the first time. Instead, start by confirming your identity for a Membership Account.
  • We need five details: membership number, forename, surname, postcode, and email. Could you make sure they match our records?

After Registration, Enjoy these Benefits:

  • Access your calendar with group meetings and Monthly General Meetings.
  • Find group coordinators' contact details.
  • Easily join groups online.
  • Keep your details up to date.

Ready to Begin? Click Beacon Membership Portal: Let's enhance your u3a experience!

Note: Have your membership number and personal details handy.

Trouble Logging In? Please Read This First

If you're having difficulty logging in, don't worry – we're here to assist you. Start by checking out 'Beacon - Part 7: A Guide on How to Use the Beacon Portal.' This comprehensive guide may have the solutions you need. If issues persist, contact John wells IT Co-ordinator our Beacon System Administrator.

Setting Up Your Password:

Follow these steps to establish your password:

  • Ensure your membership number is correctly entered. Use your membership number, not the membership year.
  • Could you double-check that your forename is spelt correctly with a capital letter at the beginning?
  • Could you ensure your surname is spelt correctly with a capital letter?
  • Your postcode should be accurate, with a single space between the two sections (e.g., RH19 2AA).
  • Confirm you've used the correct email address.

Tips for Success:

  • Type the information manually; avoid copying, pasting, or using auto-fill.
  • Check for extra spaces before or after your entries.
  • Leading and trailing spaces are considered invalid; be cautious when using mobile devices.

Once your information is validated, follow the instructions to create a password. Going forward, you'll always log in using your email ID and password for easy access.

We're here to help – reach out if you need further assistance!

Please be aware that for security: Once successfully registered, you use your EMAIL and PASSWORD to log in to the Beacon membership portal.

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