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BEACON - for group leaders

As a group leader, you will be given a System User ID to attend to all matters concerning your group in our Beacon Membership system.

Once registered as a Group Leader, you can maintain all aspects of your group in Beacon.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Add or change descriptive details about your group
  • See a complete list of your group members, with all personal contact details
  • Add or remove new members manually
  • Send out personalised emails for any selected group of members in your group ( Using blind copy, Good security - fully GDPR compliant!).
  • Add links to any emails by hypertext
  • Attach documents to any emails
  • For members without e-mail, Beacon can print personalised letters for selected group members.
  • Receive an email when a member joins, is waitlisted or leaves your group via BEACON online_


Once you are set up with your Group page, you can edit it as you please.

Log into Beacon as a Group Leader here ==> Log in to Beacon

For more information ==>Beacon in easy steps- for group leaders

Please don't hesitate to contact Beacon Administrator John Wells by email, phone or in writing if you need help.


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